PREDOC's educational program provides and solidifies tools-based and professional skills to help participants succeed in pre-doctoral applications.  In addition to the synchronous summer courses described on this page, our curriculum consists of a collection of free workshops, asynchronous courses, and advice from experts.  Each element is a stand-alone event.

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Asynchronous Courses

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Asynchronous Courses
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Summer Course

The PREDOC summer school is designed to create a path for undergraduates enrolled in traditional STEM majors to pivot into STEM graduate fields such as economics and other business-related fields. Summer Course

The 2022 Summer Course: Details and Application

The PREDOC summer school tuition-free course providing a stipend of $2,000. A goal of the program is to diversify the pipeline of students pursuing careers in social science research, a field in which women and people from a variety of backgrounds (including Black/African-American, Hispanic/LatinX, American Indian/Alaskan Native, and Native Hawaiian/Other Pacific Islander) are underrepresented. This online, synchronous course is designed to prepare rising undergraduate juniors and seniors with the coding, research methodology, and professional skills that are relevant when applying for a pre-doctoral research position at a top university, research institution, or think tank.

This summer, our course will be taught by the team at Opportunity Insights, headquartered at Harvard University.  This six-week course will have two tracks, one for students who are considering a transition to the social sciences and want to learn more about a variety of fields in Economics, and one for students who are ready to engage in more advanced analysis and want to produce a capstone project.  See the syllabus below for more details on what topics the class will cover, and what the expectations are.

The application closed on Friday, May 27.  The course will be held by Zoom in the evenings (Monday through Thursday) from July 5 to August 12.

Click here for a draft syllabus

The Summer 2021 Course

Led by Prof. Pradeep Chintagunta (Joseph T. and Bernice S. Lewis Distinguished Service Professor of Marketing at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business), the Inaugural 2021 PREDOC Summer Course in Social Science Analytics was designed around the theme of research methodologies in the social sciences.  The goal of the 2021 course was to provide our students with 1) an understanding of different types of research and data used in the social science; 2) methodologies motivated by a specific research question; 3) STATA training; and 4) posing a hypothesis that can be answered using the IRI academic database.  Additionally, professional workshops were offered to all.

Click here for a course syllabus

Students have gone on to pre-docs at the Chicago Federal Reserve, the Federal Reserve Board, and the Yale School of Management.  Others have been hired into industry roles at Analysis Group and the Bridgespan Group.

Student research projects included the following:

  • “Asymmetric Effects of increasing Beer Tax”
  • “Diapers and Infant Health: What is the Connection?”
  • “Does Fair Trade Coffee Play a Meaningful Economic Role for Consumers"
  • “How are SNAP Benefits Spent” (SNAP – Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program)
  • “Influence of Race, Education, and Employment Status on Food Choices”
  • “The Presence of Ready-Made Foods in the Refrigerator: Convenience or Necessity?”
  • “What Determines the Consumption of Ready-to-serve Food Categories? An analysis of Household Income, Household Wealth, and Work Hours in Business Cycles” (IRI and Zillow)

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