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Why did you decide to pursue research experiences during your undergrad?

I'm curious about everything and am always full of questions. In undergrad, I consistently found that I wanted to dedicate more time to dive into my coursework beyond what was assigned, to explore questions more deeply. Several professors (including my mentor) took notice and suggested research as a path well aligned with my natural disposition. 

What have your experiences with research been like?

Formative, wondrous, and deeply satisfying. I have come away from each project with a deeper appreciation for the process of deep analysis and experienced personal growth I could not have conceived of. Research has opened up a new world of career possibilities, providing me with the toolkit to produce valuable analysis and better, more compelling questions. 

What got you involved in

One of my math professors introduced me to PREDOC. Without his direction, I would not have known such a program existed. My professor (and now mentor) understood who I was intellectually and saw potential. Because I had already benefited from so much of his guidance, it was easy to take his advice. 

What do you hope other students might take away from's offerings?

I hope that all students participating in PREDOC take away the capacity to investigate those questions that are the most intellectually stimulating. There are so many questions that need to be answered, and even more that are waiting to be asked.