Pre-doctoral researchers are welcome to participate as observers in a two-day conference for doctoral students in accounting, finance, and economics who are developing research programs on topics relevant to financial market policy. Interested pre-docs, please use this registration link. Use discount code PREDOC2021 for reduced conference price.

About the conference

The Salem Center for Policy at the McCombs School of Business is pleased to host its second doctoral student symposium designed for Ph.D. candidates in finance, accounting, economics, and related disciplines, who are in the process of developing a financial markets research program. Students will engage researchers from leading universities, industry, and regulatory agencies to learn how academic research influences policy decisions. A series of panel discussions will introduce students to active policy issues, open research questions, and how current developments can motivate and shape a research agenda, including through the lens of journal editors. Selected students will be invited to present their working papers and research ideas to program participants, and uniquely receive combined feedback from academics, practitioners, and regulators.