Join Chicago Booth Professor Christian Leuz for a discussion about new pathways to research careers in the social sciences by working directly with faculty.

The academic pipeline explained: From full-time research assistant to faculty member.

Professor Christian Leuz will discuss pre-doctoral research positions, and how these positions can be a launchpad for a research career in academia, the public sector, or industry. Prof. Leuz will discuss the path from a predoc position, to a PhD program, and onto a faculty position, sharing his own experiences as an accounting faculty member and offering tips and best practices.

This presentation is open to students of all years. Current job opportunities are most relevant to recent grads and those graduating by June 2021. Anyone interested in learning more about research opportunities following graduation is encouraged to attend. This is a unique opportunity to ask questions and learn from one of the premier accounting scholars, please join!

RSVP here. Contact with questions.