Mentoring Across Difference

Join PREDOC's upcoming Mentoring Across Difference event on November 16 at 12:00 pm ET. This session is ideal for faculty hiring predoctoral fellows and those interested in empowering aspiring researchers from all backgrounds and disciplines. 

Mentorship of pre-docs only bolsters the opportunities available in the profession. Pre-doc opportunities can work as interventions into the field, bringing in students with diverse experiences and academic interests who otherwise might not consider a research career. But mentoring people with experiences and goals different from our own is not always straightforward. This session, led by Amanda Bayer (Swarthmore), expands traditional conceptions of mentoring into more productive roles, provides concrete strategies for mentoring across sites of difference, and suggests ways to evaluate your success as a mentor.

Please note that this session is not only applicable to faculty hiring predoc candidates since many of these skills are transferrable to strong mentorship relationships in general---with students, undergrads, junior faculty, and more!

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