Josiah V. Thompson Uniontown, Pa Family Record Book

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TitleJosiah V. Thompson Uniontown, Pa Family Record Book
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Josiah V. Thompson

Uniontown, Pa

Family Record Book


V24 Page 1

Oak Hill Nov 4, 1930 11:22 AM

S.M. Carothers of Sumter SC sent me many Carothers records about last April which I have noted in book 28 including short sketches of Judges Robert L. Caruthers & & Abraham Caruthers, which I have had Virginia Maloney copy & am filing in a large sized envelope in my standing desk & am returning today all remaining papers to Mr Carothers, Sumter SC by registered mail.

The sketch of Judge Abraham Caruthers was prepared by his 12th & youngest child, Mrs Fannie Hart & I am recording below the closing part of said article

"Upon the occupation of Middle Tenn by the Federal Army in the spring of 1862 fearing arrest, he, Judge Abraham Caruthers, left his home & went to Marietta, Georgia where away from family & friends, he died

May 5, 1862. His wife was Eliza Newhall Allen of Smith Co, Tenn. They had twelve children:

1. William

2. Mary

3. Jane

4. Samuel

V24 Page 2

5. Louise married Carter

6. Robert

7. Rebekah

8. Sallie married Robertson

9. Eliza

10. Bettie, twin [of whom]

11. Kate

12. Fannie married Hart.

Judge Abram Caruthers had one brother Judge Robert L. Caruthers & one full sister Mrs Bettie C. DeBow & several half brothers. His father was Samuel Carothers, his mother Jane? Looney. Refer to the records I got abt Judge Abraham Caruthers when in Nashville, Tenn in 1925. I think in June 21? & compare with the children above listed.

My dear Mary would have been 88 years old yesterday had she lived.

V24 Page 3

Oak Hill Nov 6, 1930 11:30 AM

There are a number of letters & papers sent to me last April by S.M. Carothers of Sumter SC which were copies of return of which he did not desire & I will now record from them the important points before filing them away, mainly with the large sized envelopes.

From William Caruthers:

A branch of the Caruthers family went over to Ireland in 1173 & settled in the city of Dublin & had estates in the county

Waterford Motto Promlus et Fedelis, ready & faithful.

War Dept Adjutants General's office Wash D.C. Dec 21, 1925

Respectfully returned to S.M. Carothers Sumter SC

The records show that one James Caruthers (also spelled Cruthers) served in the Revolutionary War as a private in Capt Griffith John McRees Co 1st NC Battalion also designated 1st NC Regiment commanded by Col Thomas Clark. He enlisted May 1, 1776 for 3 years &

V24 Page 4

his name last appeared on an undated Roll of that Co giving names of those whose term of service would expire May 1, 1779.

The records also show that a Thomas Caruthers (also spelled Cruthers) served in same Co & Reg as a private enlisted Apr 27, 1776 for 3 yrs & name appears on payroll as above. No further record of their service is found.

The Rev. War records in this office is far from complete & I refer you for additional information to the NC Historical Society, Raleigh, NC or the Commissioner of Pensions Wash D.C.

Robert C. Davis adjutant General

To the above S.M.C. has added:

James & Thomas Caruthers enlisted in 1776 in 4th NC Continental Line Thos Polk Col John Nelson, Capt & transferred to Col Thomas Clark's battalion in 1777 when the two organizations were consolidated. These are Thomas & James who settled in Kentucky in 1785.

V24 Page 5

In reply, U.S. Dept of the Interior refer to Rev Bureau of Pensions Wash D.C. & 1812 Wars section. March 17, 1927 To S.M. Carothers Sumter S.C.

The Rev. War Pension papers on file in this office No W 5244 it appears that Samuel Caruthers was born Dec 13, 1759 in Maryland. While a resident of Guilford Co NC, he enlisted in Oct 1778 as a private in Capt John Nelson's Co in Col Wm Pacely's NC Reg & served six months. He was in the battle of Brier Creek. He enlisted in Nov or Dec 1779 & served at various times until peace was declared amounting to 1 mo in all as a private in Capt John Galaspies NC Co. He was in a skirmish at Welzell's Mills. He was allowed a pension on his application executed Sept 25, 1832 at which time he was a resident of Gwinnett Co, Georgia. He died July 5, 1835 in Walker Co, Ga. He married Aug 21, 1787 Hannah, her maiden name not stated. She was allowed pension on her application executed May 1, 1844 then aged 78 yrs & a resident of Walker Co, Ga. Children of Samuel & Hannah Caruthers:

V24 Page 6

1. Rachel born Oct 10, 1788 died May 11, 1829

2. John born Feby 15, 1791

3. Martha born Mch 7, 1793

4. James born Jany 4, 1796

5. Thomas born Jany 6, 1798

6. Andrew born in 1801

Respectfully, Winfield Scott Commissioner

To this S.M.C. adds:

He may have been a son of John who died in Pa in 1783 & Sarah who made a will in 1798 in Mecklenberg Co NC naming a son Samuel & if our James was a son of Sarah, then Samuel may have been his brother. Later, he says James was a son of Sarah & John.

This Samuel may have been the Samuel mentioned in wills of John & Sarah or he may have been a brother of Hugh or Orange Co. The date of his birth suits for a son of John & Sarah but being born in Maryland does not. He was living in Appeville [sic] SC in 1790 but not in census reports. Have not been able to trace his record. Make slip to go to Walker Co Ga & do so.

V24 Page 7

Washington D.C. July 19, 1928

S.M. Carothers Sumter SC

I found your name & address in looking over Thomas Caruthers pension papers at Pension office.

My great grandfather was James Caruthers who enlisted in 4th NC Reg in Revolutionary War & served 3 yrs. He emigrated to near Lexington, KY & died in Jessamine Co, Ky in 1835. My grandmother was his granddaughter Sally Caruthers who married Jacob Wells in 1818 & lived & died in southern Indiana. I have been trying to find who James Caruthers parents were & when they came to this country. She thinks he was near relative of James & Thomas Caruthers who served from NC for yrs in same Reg. I always thought my grandmother's ancestors were from Virginia until I found above NC record.

Miss Sara Carothers Wells 1856 Park Road, Washington D.C.

Another letter to him dated Sept 20, 1928 from the same Miss Wells refers to papers from Mrs Flower of Carlisle, Pa he had sent her but says she was not able to make any connection, but think her ancestors were probably originally from Penna.

V24 Page 8

She gives the following from the Congressional Directory:

Samuel Caruthers, Representative from Missouri born in Madison Co Mo Oct 13, 1820 graduated from Clinton College, Tenn, studied law admitted to the bar & commenced practice at Fredericktown, Mo moved to Cape Guardian Mo 1844, held several local offices & elected as a Whig to 33  & 34th Congress Mch 4, 1857 & Mch 3, 1859. Died in Cape Guardian Mo Aug 20, 1860.

Robert Looney Caruthers a Representative from Tenn born in Smith Co, Tenn July 31, 1800 studied law & admitted to the bar in 1823, clerk of the Chancery Court of Smith Co, Tenn & editor of a newspaper moved to Wilson Co in 1826, State Attorney 1827 1832 member of Tenn House of Rep in 1835, founder of Cumberland Univ at Lebanon, Tenn in 1842 & of the law dept in 1847, presidential elector on the Clay & Frelinghuysen ticket in 1844, elected as a Whig to 27th Congress Mch 4, 1841, Mch 3, 1843 appointed Judge of the Supreme Court of Tenn 1852.

V24 Page 9

Delegate from Tenn to the Peace Convention in 1860, elected Governor of Tenn in 1862 but on acct of the occupation of the State by Federal troops never assumed the duties of the office.

He died in Lebanon Tenn Oct 2d 1882.

She looked over the record of Hugh Caruthers in the pension office. He enlisted from Orange Co NC, had removed to Madison Co Alabama when he applied for pension in 1832 aged 74 (born say 1758). He was at a battle near Camden, called "Gates defeat". She says he was probably a brother or cousin of my James Caruthers.

She also found a memoir of Daniel Dawson Carothers a railroad man & engineer who built the Union Sta at Washington D.C. His ancestors from Huntingdon, Pa.

Refer to U.S. Dept of Interior Rev & 1812 Wars Section bureau of Pensions Wash D.C. July 31, 1929

To S.M.C. I advise you in the papers in the Rev. War claim S 16697 it appears that Hugh Caruthers while a resident of Orange Co, NC enlisted & served with the NC

V24 Page 10

troops as a private as follows:

From July 1775, 3 mos in Capt Williams Co, Col Hugh Tinnings Reg from the fall of 1776 3 mos in Capt Andrew Vanoy's Co Col Lockes Reg, from the first of the year 1777 one year in Capt Wilson's Co, Col Benj Shepherd's Reg, from in Nov 1778 five months in Capt William Jamison's Co under Cols Sanders & Lytle & was in the battle of Brier Creek, from some time in June 1780, five months in Capt Ray's Co, Col Moore's Reg & was in the battle of Camden.

He was allowed pension on his application executed Oct 30, 1832 at which time he was living in Madison Co, Alabama & was 74 years old. There is no data as to family.

Earl or Kark D. Church

S.M.C. adds Apr 7, 1930 in his note to me

This Hugh was living in Orange Co NC in 1790 census & that James Caruthers, living in Jessamine Co, Ky gave this Hugh P/A to collect his Rev. War claim

V24 Page 11

Hugh may have been a brother of this James & twin brother Thomas. Both went to Tenn in 1784 & to Fayette Co, in 1785 & took up land there.

Both made application for & were granted pensions in 1818. Thomas recd his last pension in 1820; James died in 1835. I can give you a little more of James record, but not of Thomas & Hugh. The Samuel who enlisted from Guilford Co NC may have been of this family or he may be a son of John & Sarah.

Huntsville, Ala Aug 21, 1929

S.M. Carothers:

The probate judge gave me your letter since I do all work of this kind. For 6 yrs past, I have been compiling data for a history of Madison Co, Ala which will include abstracts from early wills, deeds & final settlement of estates, marriages etc as well as bible & tombstone records.

"Hugh Caruthers aged 77 when received pension, private in North Carolina Continental line Do you have this?

V24 Page 12

I have record of John Carothers who died intestate in 1850. Charles W. Carothers applied for letters of administration. Joseph Carothers married Mary Ann Humes 1823, Robert Caruthers married Sarah M. Rather 1823 Morris Carothers married Nancy Morris 1813. The above are from my own records.

Miss Pauline Jones

V24 Page 13

Oak Hill Nov 8, 1930 11:33 Am

Continuing notations from the papers sent me by S.M. Carothers of Sumter SC last spring.

Will of William Carothers of East Pennsborough Tp Cumb Co, Pa proved Jany 6, 1763 exrs Jonathan Hoge & Nathaniel Nelson will book A page 100 was yeoman & had wife Jean who died 1783 son John who died 1783 daughter Margaret, witnesses Nathaniel Nelson, Wm Orr & Jonathan Hoge. This was half brother of my gggf John.

John Carothers Dec 17, 1753 letters on the administration of this estate were issued but name of admrs are not given & no account is recorded. I wonder if this can be for my gggfather whose death followed quickly after death of his wife, from grief & the children being very young, attention was deferred.

John Carothers letters of Admir were issued Nov 16, 1762 to William Carothers (no Tp given here) Final acct gives children as James, Rebecca, John & Hugh, This is gggf.

V24 Page 14

Will of John Carothers made Jany 10, 1783, proven Mch 13,1783 will book D p 148 Exr John Baird, John Quigley, Ayles Carothers wife Ayles Carothers sons;William, James, John, daughters Mary Carothers, Ayles Carothers, Jean Carothers, mentions unborn child. Witnesses William Geddes, Nathaniel Nelson & William McTeer

Will of John Carothers, East Pennsborough Tp Exrs John Carothers & David Bell. Will proven Aug 8, 1783 Will made Oct 14, 1767

James Carothers of West Pennsboro Tp letters of admr issued Dec 27, 1800 to John Carothers. No children listed in final acct, Perhaps deeds or orphans court might locate this man. See if it was James the cooper or half brother of my gggf born 1715 see Anjou book.

James Carothers of West Pennsboro Tp letters issued Oct 1, 1803 to wife Elizabeth Carothers, James Carothers, Joseph Pearce & Joseph Hays £1500 sureties John Carothers, Dr John Neal, John Dunbar, large estate listed in final accts page 79, 81, 112 & 139 children listed elsewhere for this ancestor of the writer (Mrs Flower). He was killed in the field.

V24 Page 15

James Carothers estate West Pennsboro Tp letters issued Nov 18, 1804 administration William Carothers & John Carothers. No Tp given & no final acct filed.

John Carothers West Pennsboro Nov 18, 1806 administration letters granted to James Love, final acct filed but no children given. Orphans court or deeds might show children.

Jean Carothers East Pennsboro Tp will made Aug 26, 1783 widow of William 1763 proven Dec 16, 1783 exrs son in law Wm McTeer (who married Margaret ) & Wm Henry. Book D p 187 Daughter Margaret, son Robert decd mentions grandchildren: grandson, William Carothers, grandson James Carothers, grandson John Carothers, granddaughter Jean Carothers, granddaughter Mary Carothers, granddaughter Elsie Carothers, granddaughter Jean McTeer. Bequests to John Quigley, Michael Devester, William Roos, William Henry, Joseph Henry witnesses Samuel Fisher, John Semple.

V24 Page 16

Robert Carothers, East Pennsboro Tp will made Jany 1, 1771, will proven July 4, 1771 executor John Carothers book B p 93 "Advanced in years" (he was 81) only daughter Janet Nailor (Make slip to look for will or deed) son John Carothers (who was poisoned) names his cousin John Carothers Exr witnesses Joseph Hudson, David Bell.

Note above that David Bell is Co Exr with John Carothers of the will of John Carothers of East Pennsboro Tp made Oct 14, 1767 but not proven until Aug 8, 1783 & this statement of Robert, brother of my gggf John making his cousin John Exrs & having David Bell closely identified as Exr with John to witness his will leads me to believe that this John was making his son John an Exr & he, himself would be an Uncle of Robert 1690 1771 & brother of my ggggfather & son of Robert who died in 1694 & his wife Sarah Holliday. I reiterate again to see Anjou & have him furnish me with the children of my gggggfather Robert Caruthers who died in 1694. Make slip.

V24 Page 17

Will of Rebekah (Rebecca) Carothers made July 18, 1810 proven July 2, 1810 (evident error) John Carothers Exr she from West Pennsboro Tp Exrs James Greason, & John Carothers witnesses John Carothers, Mary Carothers, Jean Carothers Agnes Greason Bequest to Isabelle Binnan daughter of Francis Dinnen & also to Francis Dinnen. Also makes bequest to Rebecca Workman daughter of Margery & Samuel Workman, also to Rebecca Noble daughter of testator's sister Isabelle Noble & to her sister Mary wife of James Greason.

Rodger Carothers, Dickinson Tp made Feby 27, 1794 proven Mch 28, 1794 exrs Joseph Marlin & James Turner Newton Tp Witnesses John Neal, Perceval Ball. Had wife Sarah, son John (under age) son James (under age) other children could be found perhaps through orphans court records

V24 Page 18

Will of Rebecca Carothers West Pennsboro Tp made Feby 5, 1800 proven Mch 9, 1800 will book F p 169 Exrs John Carothers, James Carothers. Had a son William Orr, had a father James Carothers, had a sister Jean Carothers, had a brother John Carothers who she speaks of as "Uncle John" in relation to her son William Orr who is under 21 yrs old. Her exrs are her brothers. Witnesses John Forbes, John Black & John Carothers. Mrs Flower adds: "I cannot tell who this Rebecca is nor where she belongs".

Nuncupative will of Isabella Carothers (no residence given) proven Feby 16, 1799 c.t.a. James Carothers, John Carothers makes affidavit supported by her brother in law Samuel Turner that on her death bed that she wanted her entire fortune to go to her brother James (she was evidently unmarried & her brother then was James Carothers)

V24 Page 19

Admr of John Carothers East Pennsborough Tp Feby 14, 1811 letters to William Orr & William Carothers. Final acct C No 119 gives no names of children. There were none. JVT

Martin Carothers of West Penn Tp (won of William of West Penn who died in 1783) made his will Aug 9, 1801 proven Aug 15, 1801 says his inheritance came mainly from his father & his brother William Exrs Andrew & Armstrong Carothers (his brothers) Makes bequests to his brother Armstrong & to his sister Jean's daughter Nancy Clark & to his sister Isabella Hays & to Robey Hayney witnesses: Wm McNaughlon, Martin Perry in will book F page 231

Mary Carothers adm letters issued Oct 25, 1824 to Wm Carothers no final acct

Will of John Carothers West Pennsboro Tp book I p 259 proven Oct 7, 1822 executors William Carothers (son) & wife Mary, James Neal (friend) Joseph Connelly (son in law) Son William & daughter Mary married to Joseph Connelly witnesses James Carothers, John Fleck, Geo Davidson.

V24 Page 20

Andrew Carothers, East Pennsboro Tp will made Feby 24, 1817 proven Mch 14, 1817 book H p 460 witness Samuel Fought. Sons, William Andrew, Samuel, John, James, Exrs Mary Carothers, Samuel Carothers, John Glendenin. wife Mary daughters, Levila Ann, Mary, Sarah Mickey, grandson Anthony Wayne Carothers.

Andrew Carothers, Carlisle, Pa will proven Aug 4, 1836 book K p 480 Frederick Watts exr wife Isabelle, brother Thomas sons John, Matthew, & James nephew William Carothers, sister Ann. He left all his land in Ala which he held in common with Mrs Sarah E. Blaine of Phila to her son by her first marriage viz Stephen Duncan of Natchez, Miss. She was second wife of Genl Ephraim Blaine who was commissary General of the Revolution under Washington & was his host in 1794 at Carlisle, Pa when he was there about the Whiskey Insurrection witnesses Alfred Foster & Johnston Moore.

V24 Page 21

Armstrong Carothers made Aug 30, 1837 proven Jany 10, 1838 exrs Josiah Carothers, William Carothers. Sons Josiah, William Armstrong, daughters Isabella married Black, Elizabeth married Wm Workman, Martha Carothers, Witnesses Frederick Watts Robert Peters Make slip to see Thos A. Carothers for descendants of the daughters & of William.

Ann Carothers West Pennsboro Tp made Aug 26, 1842 proven Sept 5, 1848 exr Thomas Carothers, her brother book L page 495 had sister Jane Bell who had son James Bell. Make slip. trace. Nieces Jane Rebecca Aurond Ann C. Aurond. witnesses Hetty Addams, John Clendennin.

V24 Page 22

Adm of John Carothers no residence given Apr 5, 1798 letters to Thomas Carothers his son no final acct. This is son of Robert 1690 1771 who was poisoned.

William Carothers, ancestor of writer (ie Mrs Flower) father of James given before dated Dec 212, 1782 proven Mch 8, 1783 of West Pennsboro Tp Book D p 132 exrs John Forbes (another ancestor of the writer) James Neal, Andrew Carothers. Wife Isabelle, sons James, John, William Martin, Andrew & Armstrong. Daughters Margaret, son in law George Clark who married his daughter Jean & makes bequests to her two children, son in law Henry Hay (or Hays) & wife who was his daughter Isabel.

William Carothers Jr of West Pennsboro Tp son of above Exr Wm C. Clark, James Carothers & John Carothers Proven Jany 25, 1 94 [sic] book H p 313 witnesses John Kean, Armstrong Carithers & James Carrothers noticed different spelling of these two brothers Exrs

V24 Page 23

Makes bequests to his brothers John, James, Martin, Armstrong & Andrew & to his sisters Margaret, Jean & Isabelle

Gerald Carothers Carlisle, Pa will proven Aug 21, 1792 book E p 264 executors Nancy Carothers & Samuel Green had a brother John Carothers & a sister Margaret Carothers will made June 26, 1792. Adm of James Carothers Carlisle, Pa letters issued Sept 26, 1827 to Maria Carothers no final account.

John Carothers West Pennsboro Tp letters issued Jany 11, 1828 to Thomas Urie no final acct

Alice Carothers East Pennsboro Tp dated Nov 21, 1804 proven Dec 17, 1803 book G page 91 exrs William Carothers John Carothers witnesses John Orr William Orr Had sons William, John, James (deceased) & daughters Mary, Alice & Jane

V24 Page 24

Andrew Carothers Dickinson West Pennsborough letters issued Jany 4, 1814 of Admr to Margaret Carothers, Robert McCoy, Andrew Bodeir [best guess] No final acct

Will of Elizabeth Carothers of West Pennsboro Tp C.t.a. proven Jany 25, 1825 widow of James (writer's ancestor) letters c.t.a. to James Neal book I p 390 was widow of James Carothers Sr had daughter Margery Workman, 2. Elizabeth Holsapple, wife of Erasmus Holsapple & 3. Mary Greason. 4. Had a son James Carothers who was of the Borough of Carlisle. Bequeath silver teaspoons to Mary Greason, daughter of her daughter Polly (Mary) Greason, son James & Saml Douglas Exrs, dated Mch 8, 1824 witnesses Bernard Hendel, Michael Sanno

V24 Page 25

Carothers, Eliza Ella West Pennsboro Tp proven 3d 1849 book L p 522 left entire estate to her husband Andrew who she made her exr consisting of land deeded her the year before by Josiah Carothers & his wife Mary. This Mary snatched the will, tore a piece out of it & swallowed it but the witnesses who had recently read it were able to piece it out & it stood.

V24 Page 26

Oak Hill Nov 9, 1930 1:22 PM

Continuing with the S.M. Carothers papers.

Cumberland Co, Pa wills & Admin (later years)

Samuel Carothers made Aug 30, 1854 probated May 20, 1858 book M. P Exr John Lefever witnesses Fredk K. Watts, Jno B. Parker. sons James Carothers, John N. Carothers, Samuel Wood Carothers (under age) wife Jane Carothers, Daughter Mary C. Carothers, grandson John N. Carothers (under age) Adm of Samuel Woods Carothers, son of above Samuel Mch 16, 1865 to Jane Carothers (evidently his mother)

John R. Carothers, Dickinson Tp made July 6, 1835 Pro Aug 11, 1835 book K p 445 exrs Andrew Carothers, John Lefever, wife Margaret witnesses James Neal, Armstrong Black, Andrew Carothers. sons, John N. Carothers, Andrew Carothers, James Carothers, George Carothers, William Carothers. Estate to be divide when youngest son reaches maturity

V24 Page 27

William Carothers West Pennsboro Tp Dec 12, 1838 B L p 48 George Heikes Exr wife Elizabeth, youngest son, William Carothers, daughters Mary married Benj. Myers (grandson Wm Myers) Catharine married Geo Heikes, Isabelle, Emaline, Matilda, sons Andrew, John, James, witnesses John Wyncoop, J.W. Eby

Orphans Court records Cumberland Co, Pa

Carothers Family on Apr 4, 1808 came into court with petition Martha Carothers next friend of John, James & Isabelle Carothers minor orphan children of James Carothers of West Pennsborough Tp under 14 years of age & says they have no guardian. See records later if year is correct.

On Apr 2, 1801 James McCommen (McCalmont) & Margaret, his wife, daughter of James Carothers (cooper) of West Pennsborough Tp came into court & say he had 8 children viz:

1. Margaret wife of James McCommon

2. Elizabeth married to James Turner

3. Jane married to Richd Stuart

4. John Carothers

5. James Carothers

6. Esther married to Samuel Turner

V24 Page 28

7. Rebecca Carothers died intestate

8. Isabella Carothers died intestate

On May 14, 1794 came into court James Turner & Joshua or Joseph Marlin exrs of Rodger Carothers decd & asked the court to appoint James Carothers Sr of West Pennsboro Tp guardian of John Carothers & Andrew Carothers, minor sons of Rodger under 14 yrs, the court appointed him. James Turner was son in law as well as exr of James Carothers (the cooper) of West Penn Tp & this looks as if he may not have been a brother of Rodger. Investigate this & make slips to hunt up the Turners both & James McCalmont & Richd Stuart & see if they can give name of father, brothers or sisters of James the cooper.

Orphans court Docket L p 77 on Nov 16, 1762 James Carothers (ggf) & Rebecca Carothers (over 14) minor children of John Carothers of Cumb Co, Pa come into court & ask that Wm Clark be apptd their gdn & same day Wm Carothers & asks that Ezekiel Smith be apptd Gdn of their brothers John & Hugh under 14 all of which was done.

V24 Page 29

At a court held July 28, 1801 on motion of David Watts court revoked the appt of John Alexander, John Longwell & Sarah, his wife over the persons of John Roger Carothers & Andrew Carothers minor children of Rodger Carothers decd & apptd John Woodburn & Percival Kean in their stead.

On Oct 20, 1801 John Woodburn & Percival Kean resigned as above gdns & court apptd Simon Ross & John Alexander.

James Carothers Sr was apptd later over John Roger & Andrew Carothers children of Rodger Carothers of West Penns Tp & years later was dismissed from guardianship & as his death intervened, his estate was answerable for an accounting in 1803.

On Nov 29, 1802, John Huston & John Woodburn were apptd their guardians.

On Feby 5, 1802 came in court friend Samuel Carothers father & next friend of John Waugh Carothers & Jane Carothers & asked that a gdn be apptd & court apptd him.

V24 Page 30

Docket 2 page 61 on Aug 23 1765 came into court William Carothers (probably by his exr) Admin of John Carothers of Cumb Co, Pa & makes distribution to:

James Carothers, a minor eldest son

Rebecca Carothers, a minor, eldest daughter

John Carothers, a minor son

Hugh Carothers, a minor son

Docket 6 p 480 on Dec 22d 1817 appears in court John Carothers, a minor son of Andrew Carothers, late of West Pennsboro Tp setting forth that his father had recently died & asked the court to appt a gdn over his person & estate. John Boden Esq apptd

At an orphans court held Feby 1, 1802 three men were apptd to audit the account of John Longwell gdn of John Roger & Andrew Carothers, minor children of Rodger Carothers & he was exonerated & he & his wife Sarah widow of Rodger Carothers & their mother were found to be their proper guardians & they appeared no more in court.

At a court held Feby 18, 1812 Martha Carothers next friend of Jane Carothers & Elsetta Carothers

V24 Page 31

minor children under 14 yrs of John Carothers of East Pennsboro Tp who had recently died praying for the apptmt of a guardian & court apptd William Bryson guardian.

At Dec court 1817 Mary Carothers as mother & next friend of Andrew Carothers, Masey Ann Carothers, & James Walker Carothers, minor children under 14 yrs of Andrew Carothers of East Pennsboro Tp & ask for apptmt of a gdn court apptd John Sample.

Also came into court at same time, William Patterson Carothers, Lucetta Carothers & Mary Carothers, all minor children of above Andrew Carothers of East Penn Tp above 14 years of age & ask for a gdn & court apptd Samuel Waugh. Make slip examine marriage docket for marriages of daughters etc.

Mrs Flower of 166 W. Pomfret St Carlisle, Pa writing Nov 10, 1927 to S.M. Carothers gives following abstracts of deeds:

Book H. p 15 Deed Dec 9, 1785 between John Carothers, of Mecklenberg Co & Andrew Carothers of East Pennsboro Tp farmer. These are, I believe sons of

V24 Page 32

John who made his will 1767 & died 1783 & wife Sarah who died in 1798.

Deed book 0 page 186 made Oct 28, 1800 between heirs of John Carothers who died intestate in East Pennsborough Tp & John Noble of Carlisle, Pa for £2169.65 shillings conveys 226 A in East Penn Tp surveyed to said later John Carothers on Mch 31, 1767. Heirs signing:

1. James Carothers & Elizabeth his wife

2. William Carothers & Margaret his wife

3. John Carothers & Sarah his wife

4. Thomas Carothers & Elizabeth his wife

5. Andrew Carothers (later prom Carlisle lawyer)

6. James Bell & Jean Carothers Bell his wife

7. Ann Carothers

Make slip to trace.

James Carothers et al to Andrew Carothers East Pennsborough Tp book GG p 457 May 12, 1823 James Carothers, William Carothers, Martin Carothers, John Carothers, heirs at law of Andrew Carothers of West Penn Tp to Andrew Carothers Esq lawyer of Carlisle, Pa

V24 Page 33

Make slip to trace.

John Carothers et al to James Carothers et al book P p 408 Dec 24, 1806 East Pennsboro Tp. James Carothers & Alice of Hanover Tp Beaver Co, Pa (Make slip) to William & John Carothers of East Penn Tp

She says brother James died intestate.

John Carothers was father of John, William, James (decd) & Alice. I don't understand this why then is James joining in deed.

James Carothers & wife Maria to George Kline (father of Maria) trust fund created for Maria by James Carothers her husband James Carothers was brother of the writer L.E. Flowers great grandmother Mary Carothers both children of James Carothers Sr of West Penns Tp killed in 1803.

Carothers record taken from the family bible in possession of Mrs Samuel Line (nee Carothers) 113 S. Pitt ST Carlisle, Pa


Fanny Clark was born Aug 15, 1787 at 4 PM

William Carothers was born Oct 3, 1790

V24 Page 34

George C. Carothers was born Oct 8, 1814

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