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Morrison Bonpasse |

Interestingly (to me at least), you have once again made a general statement that I agree with: “You don't isolate one aspect of a person's life to come to a definitive conclusion about who they are as a person. However, the sum of their parts provides you with what you need to know about the individual.” Amazingly, when you and I apply that wisdom to the same set of facts, we come out with diametrically opposed conclusions.
You listed six specifics.
1. That “Chad was controlling, as evidence by demands involving deviant sexual activities,...”
What is your evidence for such “demands”? (Who doesn’t make sexual requests?)
2. What is your evidence for his being “stubborn” (Who isn’t, at least sometimes?)
3. What is your evidence that “he didn't like to lose?” (Who does?)
4. What is your evidence that he did like to be “told what to do”? (Who does?)
5. What is your evidence that he had a “bad temper”? (I know that Amanda used that word, but what examples? His friend Jeremy was asked that question and he cited an example where Chad lost his temper when an employee stole several thousand dollars from a store. So? Who doesn’t show anger in such situations?)
6. What is your evidence that Chad was “abusive to women.”? (I know that he had two fights with Tristan and a generally physical relationship with her and, as a teenager, with a girlfriend. Witnesses have said that both women slapped him more often than he responded.)
Even if you are right about ALL six of the above characteristics, which I strongly doubt, aren’t there several other human characteristics which might be considered when assessing Chad as a person? Such as courage, public spiritedness, loyalty, love of family, intelligence, kindliness....?
I’ll close with a general question for you: Do you support the request to the Attorney General to re-investigate this case? My guess is that after 100 hours of such a re-investigation, the participating detectives would see which way the evidence was going. Then, the decision could be made to continue or stop. One hundred hours would cost about $5,000, which could be compared to the cost of keeping Chad Evans in prison for another 33 years for an estimated cost of $1 million. Again, do you support such a preliminary re-investigation?

17 November 2011 - Newcastle, Maine

Mark C


Christine must be working on another e-mail to Strelzin. After all, it takes a ton of time to think up possible reasons for Kassidy's death...other than the most obvious and logical.

I still find the liver disease angle quite fascinating.

Sippy cups full of vodka all around. My treat!

17 November 2011

Mark C

You don't isolate one aspect of a person's life to come to a definitive conclusion about who they are as a person. However, the sum of their parts provides you with what you need to know about the individual.

Chad was controlling, as evidence by demands involving deviant sexual activities, stubborn, didn't like to lose or be told what to do, had a bad temper and was abusive to women.

No doubt Kassidy was a victim of circumstances. She was a wedge between Chad and Amanda, didn't give him EYE CONTACT or otherwise fall into a nice straight line for him. A little push, pull, squeeze, face wash here and there would get her to abide by Lord Chad. Unfortunately, Mr. Tough Guy didn't know his own strength when applying his typical adult female level EYE CONTACT to this unrelated and defenseless toddler.

17 November 2011

^ Morrison Bonpasse |

Please note that Emily Conley’s interview was summarized by a policeman, rather than being transcribed. Detective Linscott wrote that “Conley stated that Amanda asked her if she would take part in a threesome with Chad, which Conley said she declined. Conley said that Amanda took nude photographs of ...... for Chad.... Conley said that Amanda asked her if she could take some nude photographs of her to share with Chad...” Nowhere did Emily Conley say that Amanda told her that Chad requested any of these activities. In fact, he didn’t. Did Emily Conley say that Amanda felt coerced? Did she say that Amanda was not happy about their sexual activities? What is the problem here, and what is the relevance to an alleged murder and alleged child abuse?
(continued below)

17 November 2011 - Newcastle, Maine

^ Morrison Bonpasse |

(continued from above)
Regarding the allegation about Chad having Tristan’s clothing at his home after their separation, here is what Chad wrote in his January 7, 2011 letter to me, “Also, you mentioned that during Emily's statement to the police, she stated that Amanda had informed her that I kept former lovers bras in my dresser. This seems like another one of those things that started out with a grain of truth and by the time it gets through 2-3 different people it has changed drastically. The only thing that I can imagine Amanda may have told her is one of two things.
1. On occasion after Tristan moved out, KG would come spend the night. I know at one point, she left a complete change of clothing, which I kept in my dresser. Can't recall if Amanda ever knew this or not.
2. I was married to Tristan and lived with her for nearly 4 years. When Tristan moved out she left many things behind and would take them on occasion. Our lives were intertwined. I do remember at one point I found a few of Tristan's bras in my closet. Knowing it would upset Amanda I shoved them in my top dresser drawer with the intentions of giving them to Tristan at some point. Amanda found them and got very upset, demanding that I throw them out. I was a bit stubborn myself, and didn't do well with demands. I informed Amanda that I was going to return them to Tristan along with some other items that were hers, in the bureau drawer. After that, I deliberately left the items in the bureau for a while until Amanda stopped mentioning it. Then I returned them to Tristan as I recall. It was so important that I "win" that it caused Amanda to feel like shit and share who knows what with one of her girlfriends. Then this girlfriend shares a story with the police that makes me look like a first class pervert. Anyway, I think that is it.”

17 November 2011 - Newcastle, Maine

^ Morrison Bonpasse |

My mistake. Angela Blodgett DID ask Amanda about her sexual relationship with Chad, in Amanda's third interview. That was at the Gray, Maine State Police barracks.
At page 243 of the paperback edition of EYE CONTACT, I wrote,
"Blodgett then spent a few minutes asking Amanda about Chad's sexual interests, and Amanda dismissed them as a 'guy thing,' and 'Well, he's definitely a pig. I'll give him that, but I think he knows his boundaries... (p. 139) There was no discussion of Jeff's allegation of a 'strap on dildo' and no discussion of sexual deviance."
Again, their sexual relationship was mutually consensual and satisfying.

17 November 2011 - Newcastle, Maine

^ Bob Arnold |

Police interview with Emily Conley: "Conley stated that Amanda asked her if she would take part in a treesome with Chad, which Conley said she declined. Conley said that Amanda took nude photographs of Crystal Martin for Chad. Conley said that Amanda said Chad had his ex-wife's wedding cake still in his freezer and that Chad had a bag of bra's in a drawer of women he had slept with. Conley said that Amanda asked her if she could take some nude photographs of her to share with Chad and Conley said she declined."

That doesn't sound like a "healthy" sex life, but rather an unhealthy but fulfilling one for Chad.

Crystal Martin interview:

"Martin said that Amanda said that Chad was starting to demonstrate anger and Amanda was concerned. Martin said that Amanda told her that Chad gets angry easily and head-butted her once and they got into a small fistfight. Martin said on another occasion, Chad and his roommate Travis got high and were making fun of Kassidy. Martin said that Amanda took Kassidy upstairs to get away from them."

Sounds like Chad isn't the "loving, caring family man" that you portray him as in your book Eye Contact.

17 November 2011 - Rochester

^ Morrison Bonpasse |

My grandfather was 8 years older than my grandmother. John F. Kennedy was 12 years older than Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy.
Agreed. There is a lot of conjecture in your, and Bob’s, allegations, about the sexual relationship between Amanda and Chad. My understanding, again, is that it was mutually consensual and satisfying. I don’t recall that Chad was asked any questions about his sexual relationship with Amanda in his interrogation and don’t recall that Amanda was asked any such questions in her four interviews or in her testimony at Chad’s trial. It didn’t seem relevant to the police or prosecutors. So why is their sexual relationship an issue for you? What relevance does it have to the charges against Chad?
You seem to give Amanda little credit. Yes, she was a teenage mother, but she had the gumption to get her GED, and even earned it before her former high school class’s graduation. She signed up for the ASPIRE program. Instead of choosing immunity from prosecution by standing by her induced false statements to the police, she courageously chose to tell the truth. She paid the price by being indicted, convicted and sent to jail for more than a year.
I don’t recall the reference to someone’s observation that Kassidy showed fear of Chad. Do you recall? Who or when? I do know that Amanda wrote to Judge Nadeau, “It makes me cry when I think about how many times in a day Kassidy would ask, "Where's Chad?" He did so many good things with her. Every morning before I had a job she would come into our bedroom and Chad would put her on his back, And piggy back ride her downstairs to her high chair.
(continued below).

17 November 2011 - Newcastle, Maine

^ Morrison Bonpasse |

(continued from above)
He fed her breakfast every morning if he was there when she woke up. Many days I would come around the corner and find him sitting there talking away to Kassidy, playing with her while she ate breakfast. Many days he would come home midmorning and bring her some munchkins or for lunch he'd bring her a happy meal. It was like he couldn't come home without bringing her or me something. He would sit with her for hours and color, play spin art, and do the alphabet and numbers with her. He'd always point out objects and she'd say what they were. That's something we both did with her. She loved it! She also loved getting involved with the boys wrestling on the bed. She loved to play with the boys. One of her favorite things to do with Chad was pony rides and superman. He would sit and read to her at bed time, and was always affectionate. She gave Chad kisses and hugs all the time. He taught Kassidy to say "ohhhhh," when you gave her a hug. He was always talking about saving money for her future. And he's always a softy. He could hardly ever say no to her when she asked for a cookie, or a piece of candy. When I had a survey job on the computer he spent hours with her playing, holding her, watching Disney movies with her, and etc. so that I could work on my surveys. He was always so patient with her then and if she was sick. As far as the bad things, I honestly think it broke his heart that after 2 or 3 months she started throwing temper tantrums if he'd kiss me again. (After Jeff started babysitting) He and I just couldn't understand how she would be all over him playing, etc. for 4 hours one night and then we'd all be sitting together and he'd kiss me and she'd freak out. He has punished himself over and over for grabbing her face but I can honestly say he did not do it with the intention of hurting her but to get her attention, and to have her listen....” (See the entire letter on pages 560-64 of the Nov. 9 paperback edition of EYE CONTACT)

17 November 2011 - Newcastle, Maine
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