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Address: 14 B Grove Street, Minneapolis, MN, 55401 or

Urban Studies Program, 348 Social Science Tower

University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN, 55455

Academic Positions:

Professor, Geography, University of Minnesota, 1998--present

Associate Professor, Geography, University of Minnesota, 1989-1998

Adjunct Faculty, American Studies Program, U of MN, 1981-present

Adjunct Faculty, Humphrey Institute, U of MN, 2001--present

Visiting Professor, Geography Dept, University College, London, Winter, 1992

Visiting Professor, Amerika Instituut, Univ. of Amsterdam, (Holland) Winter, 1988

Visiting Professor, Amerika Institute, University of Munich (Germany), Spring, 1986

Research Associate, Center for Urban and Regional Affairs, U of MN, 1976-1993

Visiting Assistant Professor, History Department, Univ. of Mn, 1975-77

^ Administrative Experience:

Director, Urban Studies Program, Univ. of MN, 1989-present

Editor, Metropolitan Portraits Book Series, University of Pennsylvania Press

Coordinator, Urban Studies Program, Univ. of MN 1979-89; 1975-76,

Administrator, Fulbright Program in American Studies, Univ. of MN, 1983-84

Project Coordinator, Minneapolis Historic and Architectural Sites Survey, 1980-83

Awards: College of Continuing Education, U of MN, 2005 Teaching Award

U of Minnesota Community Service Award, 1999

U of MN Morse-Alumni Award for Contribution to Undergraduate Education, 1996

Jerome Foundation Book Arts Award (with Rob Silberman), 1993


Books. book chapters. monographs and articles.

Foreword, Greater New Jersey, Dennis Gale, University of Penn Press, 2006

Foreword, Metropolitan Philadelphia, Steven Conn, University of Penn Press, 2006

Foreword, ^ Metropolitan Phoenix, Patricia Gober, University of Penn Press, 2004

Foreword, Metropolitan San Diego, Larry Ford, University of Penn Press, 2004

“Reinventing the Riverfront”, Toward the Livable City, Milkweed Press, 2003

“What the Neighbors Want’, ^ Journal of the American Planning Association,

68.4, Autumn 2002 (with P. Pentel)

“Greater Boston and Greater Portland”, Journal of Urban Affairs, Vol. 23, 3-4, 2001, 457-63

Foreword, Greater Boston, Sam Bass Warner, University of Penn Press, 2001

Foreword, ^ Greater Portland, Carl Abbott, University of Penn Press, 2001

“Commonplace Images of Metropolitan Life” in Imaging the City, ed., Lawrence Vale and Sam Bass Warner.Jr, 2001, CUPR Press, Rutgers (with S.B. Warner)

"New Planning Goals and the Experience of Chicago's West Suburbs” ^ The American Planning

Tradition, ed. Robert Fishman, Washington, D.C. Woodrow Wilson Center Press, 2000, (with

S.B. Warner, Jr)

“Public Sector Contributions to Private Land Value: Looking at the Ledger”, Property and Values,

ed. C. Geisler and G. Daneker, Island Press, 2000, (with C.F. Runge, M.T. Duclos, J.S. Adams, B.

Goodwin, R.D. Squires, and A.Ingerson)

“European Models and American Realities: An Urban Design Perspective," ^ Envisioning Cities and Regions, ed. M. Leary, B. Dermody, and A. Markusen, U of MN MURP program, 2000 (reprint of 1990 Landscape article)

"Renegotiating Metropolitan Consciousness", Metropolitan Governance (2nd ed), Berkeley, Institute of

Governmental Studies Press, University of California, 1998

"Sociable, Green,and Affordable", ^ Placing Nature, ed. Joan Nassauer, Washington, D.C.:Island Press,

1997 (with S.B.Warner. Jr.)

"Nineteenth Century Suburbs: Then and Now", Geographical Excursions in the Chicago Region, ed.

Michael Conzen, Washington, AAG, 1995

“A Nice Place to Visit", ^ Utne Reader, No.65, Sept-Oct, 1994

The Gateway, Minnesota Center for Book Arts, 1993 (with R. Silberman)

“The Mall of Them All", Design Quarterly, No.59, 1993, 18-27 (with D. Karasov)

“In Fits and Starts" in Metropolitan Governance: American/ Canadian Intergovernmental

Perspectives, ed. A. Sancton and D. Rothblatt, Institute of Governmental Studies Press,

University of California, 1993

“The Twin Cities: Examples of Competitive Cooperation" in ^ Het raadsel van de Ranstad, ed. H. Premius

and H. Van der Wusten, Stedelijike Netwerken, Den Haag, 1992

Vacant Lands in Minneapolis and St. Paul: An Examination of the Urban Land Market, CURA,1991, (with

B. Lukermann and S. DeMontille)

"European Models and American Realities: An Urban Design Perspective", Landscape, III, 1990

^ Past Choices. Present Landscapes: Urban Renewal in the Twin Cities, Center for Urban and Regional

Affairs, University of Minnesota, 1989. (with A. Goddard)

"The Prairie City Comes Of Age: Ambitions and Expectations in the Richardsonian Era", ^ The Spirit of H.H.

Richardson on the Midland Prairies, (ed.) Paul Larson and Susan Brown, Iowa State Press and

University of Minnesota Art Museum, 1988

"The Changing Face of Hennepin County, 1830-the Present", Hennepin County Historv, Vol 46, No. 1 &

2, Summer, 1987

"The Use of Ordinary Landscapes", Metropolitan Education, Vol.3, 1-5, Winter, 1987

The Meanings of Place, ed., Continuing Education, University of Minnesota, (TV Course Study Guide; with

R. Clemence and D. Karasov) 1986

"If Baseball Can't Save Cities Anymore, What Can a Festival Market Do?" Journal of Cultural Geography,

Fall/Winter, 1984, 33-46

"The Twin Cities: A Look Back in Time" in Where To Go Minneapolis, 1984

Where We Live: Residential Districts of Minneapolis and St. Paul, University of Minnesota Press, 1983

(with D. Lanegran)

Legacv of Minneapolis: Preservation Amid Change. Voyageur Press, 1983 (with J. Borchert, D. Gebhard,

and D.Lanegran)

"Neighborhoods", Architecture Minnesota April-May, 1981

Recycling the Central Citv, Center for Urban and Regional Affairs, University of Minnesota, 1978

"New Towns-In Town and Future Urban Growth: Some Preliminary Assessments", Prospects - An Annual

of American Cultural Studies, 1977

"Evaluation of a Dream Aborted: The New Town-In Town of Cedar Riverside", AIA Journal, November,


Research Reports. reviews and comments.

“Hennepin Community Works.” Report for Metropolitan Design Center, 2006

“Sam Bass Warner” entry, Encyclopedia of the City, 2005

“Minneapolis-St, Paul” entry, ^ Dictionary of American History, 2003

Review: “Remaking Chicago”, Journal of Urban Affairs, 2003

Review: “Framing Places”, Journal of Urban Affairs, 2003

“Austin” entry in Encyclopedia of Chicago History, 2000

"Minneapolis" and "St. Paul" entries, ^ Grolier Encyclopedia Americana, 1997

Review: "Selling Cities", David Varady and Jeffrey Raffel, Journal of the American Planning

Association, Summer 1996

"The Future of the Research University", FCC White paper - U of MN. (with Victor

Bloomfield, Sara Evans, Len Kuhi, and Barbara Reid), 1996

"Government Actions Affecting Land and Property Values"; Environmental Defense

Fund report (with C. Ford Runge, Teresa Duclos, J.S. Adams, B. Goodwin and

R. Squires), 1994

Review: "Connections: Creating Urban Excellence", ^ Journal of Cultural Geography, Winter 1994

Project for Pride in Living, 1992

"Liveable Cities: Europe and America At Odds", CURA Reporter, Vol. XVII,3, July, 1987

Review: David Nasaw, "Children of the City," New York History, January, 1986

"Commentary On Twin Cities'Skyways," Design Quarterly, Fall, 1985, 20-21

"Twin Cities Festival Markets: The Merchants' Perspective," CURA Reporter, Vol.XV,3, 1985

"Beyond the Malling of America: Twin Cities Festival Markets," ^ CURA Reporter, Vol.


"The Minneapolis Survey: How the City Grew and What Should Be Preserved", CURA

Reporter, Vol. XIII,2, 1983

"Minneapolis in Perspective", Minneapolis League of Women Voters, April, 1981

Selected Papers:

“Recent Developments on the Minneapolis Waterfront,” The Planners Network

Conference, June 2005

“The Public Policy Behind Riverfront Reclamation”, UAA, 2004

“An Academic in Planning”, Geography Coffee Hour --April ‘03

“Reinterpreting Suburbia” Minnesota Historical Society - Fall ‘03

“Learning from a Decade of the NRP”, Urban Affairs Association, March 2002

“The University of Minnesota and the Community”, Lincoln Institute of Land Policy

Forum on Universities as Developers, 2001 (invited)

“Commonplace Images of Metropolitan Life”, Dept. of Urban Studies and Planning Faculty Seminar, MIT, 1998 (invited paper)

“Ways of Life in North American City regions”, Urban Affairs Association, 1998

"Is Downtown Obsolete?" UAA, 1997

"An Evolving Downtown Challenge: Minneapolis and the 2010 Plan", AAG, Fort Worth, 1997

"The Minneapolis NRP: Five Years Later", UAA, 1996

"New Urbanism Meets the Market", Lincoln Institute on Land Policy, Cambridge, Mass., December 1995 (invited)

"The Converging Regional Interests of Cities and Suburbs", American Academy of Arts and Sciences Symposium, October, 1995 (Invited paper)

"The Racial and Environmental Challenges Facing Older Suburbs" UAA, Portland, 1995

"Meeting the Challenges to Older Suburbs", AAG, Chicago, 1995

"Searching for A New Identity: The Twin Cities at a Crossroads", AAG, San Francisco, 1994

"The Stranger's Path Revisited", AAG, Atlanta, 1993

"Gambling on a Workable Neighborhood Mosaic", UAA, Indianapolis, 1993

"Selling the City: New Shopping Spaces and New Forms of Culture", UAA, Cleveland, 1992

"The Twin Cities: Examples of Cooperative Competition", Het Raadsel Van de

Ranstad Conference, The Hague (Netherlands), January 1992 (invited)

"Leisure-Time Shopping: The Places in Developer's Dreams", University College, London, February, 1992 (invited)

"The Global and Local Effects of Recent Urban Design" AAG, Miami, 1991

"Thirty Years of Downtown Spatial Development: What's Left and Who Cares?", Social Science History Association, October, 1990

"City Ratings and Quality of Urban Life", AAG, Toronto, 1990

"In Fits and Starts: Toward a Metropolitan Framework for the Twin Cities", Comparative Metropolitan Regions Conference, San Francisco, November, 1989 (invited)

"American Cities - Setting Examples for Europe?” University of Amsterdam

Planners Group, March, 1988 (invited)

"Corporate Locations and the American Urban Landscapes, Geography Lecture Series, University College, London, February, 1988 (invited)

"Cultural Assumptions and Urban Form: Some American and European Cases", Second Conference on Geography, ACLS-Soviet Academy of Sciences, Milwaukee, July, 1987 (invited)

"Consumer Responses to Festival Markets", Making Cities Liveable Conference,

Venice, Italy, June, 1986 (invited)

Selected Public Lectures/Presentations, since 1995:

"A River Runs Through Us”, CALA Symposium on the Mississippi River and the


“Downtown and the Central Riverfront”, Minneapolis Park Board Winter

Lecture Series, 2004

“Regionalism: Does form dictate function?” Sensible Land Use Coalition – Apr. 2003

“The Future of Neighborhoods”, Minneapolis Public Library, May 2000

“Retailing Trends Pre- and Post-Mall of America”, Bloomington Rotary, May 2000

“Lessons from the Salzburg Seminar”, Austrian Studies Program, Sept 2000

“Downtown Urban Design”, Minnesota AIA, Nov 2000

“Images of Commonplace Urban Settings” MIT Faculty Seminar on the Image of the City, Fall, 98 (

"The Ups And Downs Of Metropolitan Governance", College of Urban Planning and Public Affairs, University of Illinois, Chicago, Oct.'97

"Our Lakes Vs. Your Ancient Port" Urban Europe Conference, 1997 (also organized session on Comparative Urban Livability)

"An Urban Border Study", South Dakota State University Geography Convention, 1996 (invited)

"Twin Cities Environmental Challenges", NSP Environmental Academy, 1996

"Minneapolis - Past, Present, and Future" Lecture Series, St. Olaf. 1996 (three talks Apr-May)

"The Changing Environment of Cities", Earthworks Series, North Hennepin Community College, 1995

"Sustainable Cities", AAUW, 1995

"City Art and Design" Elderhostel (@80 lectures 1992-02)

Selected Panels and Symposia (since 1995):

Panel on Housing Affordability, Urban Affairs Association, 2005, Moderator

UAA panel: Urban Scholars as Policymakers and Politicians: Views From the Front Lines– organizer and participant, 2004

CALA Panel on New urbanism, (participant), 2004

Urban Affairs Association panel on Professional Activities, 2003

Chair, Minnesota APA panel on West Bank planning, June 2003

Leadership Challenge for Urban Governance Urban Affairs Association, March 2002 (presenter/panelist),

Revitalizing Cities Urban Affairs Association, March 2002 (presenter/panelist),

Organizer and Moderator, American Planning Association ^ Plenary Session “Human

Settlement in the 21st century”, April 2002 (400+ in audience)

“Otto Wagner and the Metropolis”, Austrian Studies Center, April 2002 (panelist)

Organizer and chair, “Preserving Community Retail”, American Planning Association audio-conference, May 2002

“Reconcilable Differences; Setting the Agenda in Social Science Research”, University of Minnesota, October 2002 (panelist)

AAG West Lakes Meeting --Panel on Historic Preservation, October 2002 (discussant)

“Unversities as Developers”, Lincoln Institute on Land Policy, Feb, 2001

APA Adio-conference, “Urban Parks and Open Space”, May 2000

League of Women Voters Panel on Corporate Responsibility, 1999

“Grand American Avenues”, Minneapolis Public Library, 1998

Invited Participant (one of 12) for 2 year Wilson Center (Smithsonian Institution) workshop on

20th century urban planning, 1994-96

"The Phalen Watershed: Response", International Association of Landscape Ecology, 1995

^ Research Interests: Contemporary Urban Development and Urban Planning/design, Comparative Urbanization, Historical Urban Geography, Urban History; I am currently the general editor of the Metropolitan Portraits book series (U of Penn Press)

Courses Taught:

Urban Studies 3104 (now 1001/3001): Introduction to Urban Studies

Urban Studies 3101, 2, 3: Colloquia courses on International Urban Issues; The Uses of

Urban Spaces; Historic Preservation; Environmental Perception and the City; The

Existence of Urban Culture

Urban Studies 3500: Workshop Courses on Urban Public Policy; Neighborhood and

Community Development

Urban Studies 3955: Senior Project Seminar

Urban Studies 5101: The City and the Metropolis – An Exploration

Architecture 5956/Geography 5856: The Meanings and Messages of Place (TV Independent

Study Course, and day school course, with Roger Clemence)

Geography 1973/3973: Geography of the Twin Cities

Geography 8320: Space, Place and Human Activity

Public Affairs 5290: Professional Practice

Master in Liberal Studies 5100: The City

Architecture 5950: Housing and Values (with Roger Clemence)

American Studies 8201/8202: Introductory Graduate Seminar

American Studies 8203: Graduate Fieldwork Seminar

History 3901,3902: American Urban History

Art History 5950: Designed To Sell

In Munich: American Studies Methods

In Amsterdam: Contemporary American Cities

In London: Co-taught Social Geography

Many Compleat Scholar and Non-Credit Courses for U of MN. University College

^ University Service:


Faculty Consultative Committee, 1998–2000; 2001—present; Chair, 2003-04; vice chair 2002-03

Vice-Chair, University Senate, 2004–2006

Senate CTE on Finance and Planning, member 2005-06; Chair, 2006--present

Chair, Vice-Provost for Faculty Affairs Search CTE, 2004

Provost Search Committee, 2002-03

Faculty Senate 1993-2000; 2001--present

Senate Committee on Educational Policy, Member 1994-2000; Chair, 1998–2000

Faculty Mentor, Center for Teaching and Learning, 1998-99

Academy of Distinguished Teachers, Twin Cities Steering CTE, 1999-00; 2002--

Morse-Alumni Award Committee 1996-1998

ASE Provostal Faculty Advisory Committee, 1996-1998

College of Liberal Arts

Search CTE for PR position, 2004

Assembly, 2005- present; 1997-99

Curriculum, Instruction &Advising Committee, 1997-99

Red Motley Award Committee, Chair, 1995-1997

Bush Sabbatical Committee, 1992-94; chair, '93-94
Course Review Committee 1990-92

Foreign Studies Committee 1989-92; 1997-98

UROP Committee, 1991-96

Truman Committee (for Honors program) 1993-96

Student Scholastic Committee 1982-1985

Special Learning Opportunities Advisory Committee 1983-1991

Honors Committee, 1982-84, 1988-92

Cross-Disciplinary Studies Policy Committee, 1979-81

International Studies Search Committee, 1985


Urban Studies Advisory Committee, 1975-76, 1979-1991

Geography Department: Undergraduate Studies, 1989-90, 1993-96, 2004-05; Graduate Studies

(chair, 1991-92); Brown Day,1992-present (chair 1992-94;1997-98; 2002); Awards Comm. 1997-98, 1999-2000

^ Humphrey Insitute: Search Committees (for new position 2001; for two new positions 1998-

99; for new program head, 1996-97); Interdisciplinary Curriculum Committee 1996-8

American Studies Program: Admissions Committee, 1982-84; Executive Committee,

1983-84; Graduate Studies Committee, 1987-90, 1991-6

Community/Professional Service:

Minneapolis City Planning Commission, 1991--2006

(The Planning Commission meets twice weekly every two weeks, holds public hearings around zoning and planning matters, and interacts with the community in regular ways beyond the public hearings)

President, 1999-2006

Vice-President, 1995-1999

Member of the Executive committee, 1992-2006

Civic activities connected to Planning Commission Work:

* Chair, ^ Task Force on Downtown LRT Station Design, 1999-2001

* Member, Planning Director Search Committee, 1998

* Co-Chair, Minneapolis Downtown Transit Steering Committee, 1997-98

(The group was formed to recommend a route for fixed transit service downtown)

* Member, Steering Committee, Metro 2010 Plan, 1994 to 1996)

(This group created the framework for, and oversaw the creation of the new downtown plan)

* Chair, ^ Land Use Subcommittee, Metro 2010 Plan, 1994-96

* Member, Minneapolis Airport Task Force, 1994-1996

(This group framed the City’s response to Metropolitan Airport Planning)

* Member, Minneapolis Zoning Advisory Task Force, 1993-96

(This was the citizen group advising in the preparation of the new zoning code)

* Co-Chair, Hennepin County Public Works Study Commission, 1993-94

(This group studied and recommended the Hennepin Community Works Project, a

combined jobs/open space/ transit effort)

* Member, ^ Planning-MCDA Ad Hoc Committee, 1993-4

OTHER Service:

* Member, Metropolitan Council Task Force on Neighborhood Vitality, 1990-91

* Member, MCDA Redevelopment Advisory Committee, 1988-91

(This was the citizen review body for Mpls Community Development Agency)

* Member, ^ Economic Development Study Task Force, City of St. Paul, 1988-89

(This group worked to form a new economic development approach for the city)

*Member, Regional/Urban Design Assistance Team (R/UDAT), American Institute of

Architects, Edmonton, 1986

* Member, ^ Planning Committee, Walker Art Center Skyway Conference, 1985

* Consultant to Capital Area Architectural and Planning Board, 1985-86

* Board Member, Hennepin County Historical Society, 1984-1990

* Advisor to the Minneapolis Historic Preservation Commission, 1980-83

* Member, Advisory Committee for Portrait of a Lifestyle Series, Minneapolis Library, 1981

Education: Ph.D., American Studies, University of Minnesota

M.A., American History, University of Minnesota

M.A., American Studies, University of Minnesota


Frequent lectures on urban development: to history, geography, anthropology, architecture, and real estate classes; also to continuing education groups, and local community groups Frequent local print interviews, and occasional local radio and television appearances to discuss topical urban issues

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