Challenge Youth Conference (cyc) Gatlinburg, tn

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TitleChallenge Youth Conference (cyc) Gatlinburg, tn
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Challenge Youth Conference (CYC)

Gatlinburg, TN

February 24-26, 2012

CYC is an excellent Youth Conference held in Gatlinburg each year. The premise is a different challenge that is extended to the students to aid them in their spiritual lives. The students will hear lectures and attend classes with some great teachings.

We are very excited to offer this as a special trip to our 6th graders and up. We feel that they will benefit greatly from the teaching, fellowship and fun that this weekend will hold.

We will leave Eastside at 7:45am on Friday and return between 1pm and 3pm on Sunday. Cost is $65 per person if you pay by December 17th and $75 if you pay after December 17th. This includes CYC registration, lodging, breakfast on Saturday and Sunday morning. Each participant will need money for dinner on Friday and Saturday night, lunch on Saturday and Sunday as well as spending money for free time. There will be free time on Saturday afternoon. We will go somewhere in Gatlinburg or Pigeon Forge and have dinner that evening together.

^ If you need assistance or know of someone that may need assistance with payments please let Jody or the Elders know.

Registration and Payment deadline for CYC is January 11, 2012.

Name of Student: ____________________________________

Cell Number: _________________________

Parents/Guardian Name: _________________________________

Phone Number: _______________________

Other Emergency Contact other than Parent/Guardian:_______________________________ Phone Number: _____________________________

Relationship to Student:_________________________________

Amount Paid: ________________________

As a participant, I assume full responsibility for my actions and agree to conduct myself in a manner that reflects the life of Christ. I understand that I must adhere to all rules concerning my conduct on youth events. If I have a medical condition of which the chaperones should be aware, it is indicated below. I am also certifying that my parents/guardian are aware that I am attending this event sponsored by the Eastside church of Christ.


Participant Signature Date

Medical conditions that chaperones should be aware of.


We will be staying at the Bear Creek Lodge (boys) and the Day Dreamer (girls) in Gatlinburg, TN. If you would like to see a photo of the chalet you can find it at

What to Bring:


***A Christ Like Attitude***

Comfortable, warm clothes. No shorts allowed during CYC sessions.

Our Chalet does have a large hot tub. If you plan to use the hot tub then bring an appropriate swim suit.


You will need money for 5 meals and any snacks while traveling. These should be fast food meals but there will be an option for sit down meals in Gatlinburg. Feel free to send snacks with your child. We will purchase basic breakfast food to eat at the chalet. Bring money if you plan on buying souvenirs or doing the fun excursions in town.

If you have any other questions feel free to give me a call at the office or on my cell at 982-9109.


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